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  • Psychology education

The psychology education in Croatia follows the format of the 3 year BA followed by the 2 year MA. Recognition of university education programmes as meeting EuroPsy requirements is undertaken by a national accreditation authority, of which the judgements are accepted by the NAC.

  • Programmes that meet EuroPsy requirements

Recognised programmes exist at the following 5 universities:

Name of University City MA/MSc Degree Programmes
Catholic University of Croatia Zagreb MA
Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek Osijek MA
University of Rijeka Rijeka MA
University of Zadar Zadar MA
University of Zagreb:
- Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
- Faculty of Croatian Studies
Zagreb MA
  • Supervised practice arrangements (for the EuroPsy Certificate)

Before getting accreditation from the Croatian Psychological Chamber each psychologist needs to have one year of supervised practice in one of the applied fields of psychology or in the research of psychology. The mentor for the supervised practice can be any licensed psychologist with at least 5 years of professional experience. After one year’s practice the trainee is required to pass a written exam (legal and ethical aspects of psychological practice) and an oral exam (professional knowledge from the specific field in psychology).

  • Arrangements for training of supervisors

There is no organised programme in Croatia for the training of supervisors.

  • Recognition of title

The title Psychologist is a legally recognized and protected title for all areas of practice.

  • License to practice

License or entry in a register is needed for practising psychology

  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

There are mandatory requirements for CPD. Continuing professional development is organized by Croatian Psychological Chamber, Croatian Psychological Association, universities and other professional organizations. It includes specializations, training in psychotherapy, supervision, mentorship, publications, workshops and seminars, conferences, doctoral and other postgraduate programmes etc.).

Revalidation of the license to practice or entry in a register is required after 6 years