Pilot projects


Pilot projects are a way of implementing a project on a small scale, in order to assess the feasibility, duration, cost and viability of the project. By evaluating a pilot project as it is being rolled out, necessary changes can be made as the pathway is being developed.

EFPA General Assembly approve proposals for the pilot projects.

Provisional Specialist European Awarding Committee has a period of 2 years to implement a pilot project and report to the General Assembly.

The purpose of pilot projects is:

  • To establish whether the specialist certificate is feasible in the country piloting the S-NAC,
  • To gain an understanding of the demand for a specialist certificate in the country,
  • To identify whether any changes need to be made in order for it to conform with local regulations,
  • To identify areas that require additional work for the successful implementation of the EuroPsy Specialist Certificate on a wider scale.