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  • Psychology Education

The Psychologist education in Norway is a 6 year study with integrated (about one year) supervised practice, leading to the title Cand Psychol.
Recognition of university education programmes as meeting EuroPsy requirements is undertaken by a national accreditation authority, of which the judgements are accepted by the Norwegian National Awarding Committee (NAC)

  • Programmes that meet EuroPsy requirements:

Recognised programmes exist at 4 universities in Norway. All four of these programmes meet the EuroPsy requirements and are listed below:

University City MA/MSc Degree Programmes
ArticUniversit of Norway Tromsø Cand psychol
NTNU Trondheim Cand psychol
University of Bergen Bergen Cand psychol
University of Oslo Oslo Cand psychol
  • Supervised practice arrangements (for the EuroPsy Certificate)

Almost one year of supervised practice is integrated in the 6 years university study necessary to obtain the Cand Psychol degree. Before undertaking the supervised practice students receive training in clinical skills. The one year of supervised practice takes place partly within a university clinic, and partly in a setting external to the university (typically in a variety of outpatient clinics).

  • Arrangements for training of supervisors

There is no required training in supervision for those providing supervision for students undertaking supervised practice in their psychologist training. However most supervisors are specialists within clinical psychology and will therefore have experience in supervision. Some will have a specific training in supervision, provided by the Norwegian Psychological Association, or other public or private organizations.

  • Recognition of title

The title Psychologist is a legally recognised and protected title for all areas of practice.

  • Licence to practice

The title 'psychologist' and the licence to practice are provided by the Norwegian competent authorities.

  • Continuing professional development (CPD)