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  • Psychology Education

To become a Psychologist in Sweden you must have a five year education, both practical and theoretical, in psychology. After this you will need one year of supervised practice to work as a licensed psychologist in health care. If you have received education in psychology from a country outside of Sweden and wish to apply for a Swedish licence as a psychologist, one year of supervised practice is still mandatory.

The following university programmes meet EuroPsy requirements:

There are eleven universities in Sweden offering a complete psychology education up to a masters level. 

University City Programme
Stockholm University Stockholm MSc
Lund University Lund MSc
Uppsala University Uppsala MSc
Göteborg University Goteborg MSc
Umeå University Umea MSc
Linköping University Linkoping MSc
Karolinska Institute Stockholm MSc
Örebro University Orebro MSc
Mid Sweden University Ostersund MSc
Linnaeus University Vaxjo MSc
Karlstad University Karlstad MSc
  • Supervised Practice arrangements 

At the National Board of Health and Welfare (NBHW), the supervisor must have worked for at least three years as a licensed psychologist. According to the regulations, at least one hour of supervision per week is mandatory. The supervisor is, also according to the regulations, required to continuously and in dialogue give support and guidance to the psychologist in his/her professional development, and to regularly evaluate the practice.
More information here: NBHW Supervised practice

  • Training of supervisors

There is no formally required training in supervision for the supervisor. However, many supervisors are specialists and will therefore have experience in supervision, others have specific training in supervision, provided by universities or private organizations.

  • Recognition of title

The title of “psychologist” is legally recognised and protected in Swedish health care, to obtain this title one must receive a licence from the National Board of Health and Welfare NBHW

  • License to practice

After five years of education there is a one-year obligatory supervised practice before you can be licensed by the (NBHW).

  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

There are no official arrangements for CPD, but the Swedish Psychological Associations General Assembly has assigned the board of the association the mission of starting a program for CPD.