National Requirements Ukraine

  • Psychology Education

There are approximately 90 universities in the Ukraine that offers a complete psychology education up to Master’s degree level. According to data which was collected in 2021, more than 50% of curricula do not have specific titles and are defined as ‘Psychology’. Approximately 25% of curricula are titled as ‘Practical Psychology’, with the remaining 25% consisting of more specific curriculums such as ‘Crisis Psychology’, ‘Business Psychology’, ‘Clinical Psychology’ and ‘Counselling Psychology’.

  • University Programmes that meet the EuroPsy requirements

A link to some o of the undergraduate degrees in Psychology can be found here

  • Supervised practice arrangements 

In the Ukraine, supervision arrangements are not part of a government programme. It is a mandatory part of training for counselling psychology and psychotherapy training, but each association has its own supervision standards.

  • Arrangements for training of supervisors

In the Ukraine, there is no governmental body that regulates rules for psychologists' supervision. There are supervision standards in professional psychotherapeutic associations. It is acknowledged that individual and group supervision is an effective form of professional development for counselling psychologists, and is therefore a mandatory part of the professional training of counsellors and psychotherapists. Most national associations are members of international parenting associations (for example the Ukrainian Association of CBT is a member of the European Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Therapies / EABCT). Supervision standards across associations are developed under parenting associations' rules, and are currently in line with most of EuroPsy supervisor standards. However, there are on going efforts to promote supervision among other associations and governmental bodies. Such efforts can be seen by the Ministry of Veterans and the Ministry of Education and Science who are currently trying to implement supervision for psychologists working with veterans and educational psychologists.

  • Recognition of title

No legislation in Ukraine protects the title of psychologists.

  • Licence to practice

To work as apsychologist in Ukraine, one is required to have Bachelor, Master or PhD diploma in Psychology that are recognised by National Agency of Quality Assurance in Higher Education or Ministry of Education and Science. Occupational standards for psychologist who work in particular areas are developed by Ministry of Education and Science, Ministry of Social Policy. There is no responsible governmental body and no other regulations than those provided by different professional associations for their members.

  • Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

In Ukraine a common system of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for psychologists does not exist, but there are separate demands for CPD in the different spheres. For instance, medical psychologists are obliged to take certain steps in their educational and professional development. Particularly, as part of their degree, medical psychologists have to complete their internship before they are allowed to practice. Every five years, they have to prove their qualification and complete additional professional courses. Furthermore, every year the professional who works as a medical psychologist is obliged to gain at least 50 CPD scores. One can do that by passing certain exams, by attending conferences and professional workshops.